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We are a family of foodies. So, we fully understand how flavour, look and texture are all important in making even the simplest of foods taste good. And if you can simplify their preparation with clever gadgets then that’s great!

Our love of Pizzas led me to design the infamous ‘(The) Original Pizza Maker’, which became a spectacular success with endorsements by leading Italian Chefs, including Aldo…

Inspired by its success the next design idea had to be The Dosa Maker.

Making Dosa by hand is quite tough. It requires a special skill to spread the batter thinly and evenly. It is also very sensitive to temperature of the pan. If it’s too cold, then the Dosa will not have the all important ‘crispiness’. If it’s too hot the batter will stick to the pan very quickly and will not spread evenly.

This skill will eventually come but will require a lot of time and patience, which we just don’t have in today’s fast pace of life.

Introducing the Dosa Maker

We spent hundreds of hours testing various prototypes at varying temperature settings, with different non-stick coatings and with several sizes to arrive at what is now a perfectly designed appliance to bring to you the best tasting crispy dosas that can now be cooked in seconds with no fuss, no mess, no oil and easy to clean! 

The appliance can also be used to cook Chillas and Crepes.

We take pride in our reputation for quality products and industry proven performance. Just like The Original Pizza Maker of which we sold thousands, we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with the Dosa Maker and be able to savour freshly cooked crispy dosas on a regular basis rather than enjoying it only ‘occasionally ‘.

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