Dosa Maker is an appliance that could make a delicious, authentic dosa and wrap. We’ve made it our mission to create an appliance that you would enjoy using everyday.

1. Plug in the appliance and turn it on

You’re going to want to preheat your Dosa Maker for 3 – 5 minutes, once heated – pour the Dosa batter (Chillo batter or Pancake batter) into a dipping bowl supplied with the appliance. 

Use the Whisk (supplied) to make sure the batter is smooth and has no lumps.

2. Lift the appliance, turn it over and dip the black non-stick cooking surface into the batter at a slight angle.

The swivel very slightly the appliance to the front, back and sideways (left & right) to fully coat the surface. This should take no longer than a few seconds.

Please do not dip too deep as the batter will spill over from the non-stick coating and make it difficult to lift.

3. Turn the appliance back to its original position

After a while the Dosa will appear to turn brown indicating that it’s almost ready. At that point you can top it up with your filling. Do not overfill. Wait for a few more seconds.

Then loosen the edge slightly with a plastic spatula (supplied). You should now be able to lift the whole Dosa and roll or fold.

4. Your Dosa is ready to eat!

Switch off the power after use an let the appliance cool.

Note: do not use metallic spoon or spatula on the coated surface – this may result in the appliance getting damaged.

5. Cleaning & Maintenance

  1. Switch off and unplug the Wait for it to cool before cleaning it.
  2. Wipe the heating plate and the plastic with a moist cloth using a non-abrasive soap or dishwashing
  3. Wipe with a clean soft, damp cloth and dry it with a clean
  4. To remove stubborn stains, put a drop of oil on the surface and clean with cloth.
  5. Do notimmerse the appliance in water or any other
  6. Ensure that the appliance is completely dry before storing
  7. Store the appliance in a clean and dry
  8. Important: Never store while it is hot or plugged in. Never wrap cord tightly around the Do not put any stress on cord where it enters unit, as this could cause it to fray and break.
Note: Do not use metallic spoon or spatula on the coated surface. This may result in the appliance getting damaged.

The thickness of the dosas, depends upon the amount of time the appliance was dipped in batter. You will soon master the timing depending on your preference.

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